You can apply for assessment (appraisal) and send your work either by regular post or preferably online via e-mail attachment. You can also send your manuscript as either printed hard copy or on a USB stick.

To send your manuscript by regular post:
• First, read the Flood Manuscripts application form, which you can either download as a PDF file then simply include the relevant details in your letter. No need to copy the form.

• Second, prepare your manuscript by referring to the Conditions of Assessment included on the application form. You can email your manuscript file as an attachment, mail your manuscript as either printed hard copy or USB copy.

• Third, send the relevant details and a cheque made out to TOM FLOOD (not Flood Manuscripts), for the full amount (see the fee scale on the Fees page of this website) to Flood Manuscripts.

Flood Manuscripts 11 Prince George Lane, Blackheath, NSW, 2785.

• Fourth, on receipt of these, Flood Manuscripts will immediately contact you by phone or email to confirm receipt. Be sure to include a stamped, self-addressed envelope or express satchel if you would like your manuscript returned.

Click the image if you need to download Adobe Acrobat reader to read the pdfacrobat

To submit your manuscript via email:
• First contact Tom by email or phone.

• Second, send your manuscript electronically as an email attachment(s) to either CLICK HERE or

• Third, send the fee for the full amount for assessment/appraisal (see the fee scale on the Fees page of this website) through internet banking transfer, PayPal (their fees apply) or mail a cheque. Please request banking/PayPal details in your email or simply send a cheque made out to Tom Flood(not Flood Manuscripts) for the full amount to Flood Manuscripts, 11 Prince George Lane, Blackheath, NSW, 2785.

Upon receiving your manuscript and payment, Tom will contact you and negotiate when he is able to begin the assessment (appraisal, evaluation).

Before applying, first read the Terms and Conditions of Assessment

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