Our assessment (appraisal, evaluation fees are determined by length of manuscript.

Administration (1hr) $35--non refundable and report (4 hrs) $140 applicable to all assessments (appraisals, evaluations).

*Refer to guide below.

15,000 words (50 pages) $250

30,000 words (100 pages) $325

60,000 words (200 pages) $475

90,000 words (300 pages) $625

120,000 words (400 pages) $775 etc **

*Rates are calculated to the nearest thousand words and the nearest dollar and include report and administration fee. An easy way to assess the fee is to go to the length closest below your ms length and then add $5 for every further 1000 words. **GST does not currently apply to Flood Manuscripts services.

Flood Manuscripts also offers manuscript development (ongoing manuscript assessment (manuscript appraisal, manuscript evaluation), where authors rework sections of their manuscript for feedback. The fee for ongoing assessment is $55hr and the way it is delivered is to be negotiated with Flood Manuscripts. Also on offer is a 10% reduced fee for complete resubmission of manuscripts. Where possible, we also offer instant assessment for work that is on the boil. This fee is generally $49hr and delivery is to be negotiated with Flood Manuscripts.

All editing and proofing is $55hr, except full structural (developmental) editing at $65hr. There is e-assessment available for single short stories/picture book text where a formal report is not viable.
Please contact Tom for more information if interested. If you would like to find out more about fees and related issues, see the FAQs, or email or call. INQUIRIES

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