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'There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.' - Edith Wharton

You have found Flood Manuscripts, an Australian professional manuscript assessment (manuscript appraisal, manuscript evaluation), mentoring and editing service for writers of English language fiction and non-fiction. If you are serious about your writing, you have come to the right place.
Flood Manuscripts is for writers at all stages of expertise and respects all forms and genres: crime, speculative (including fantasy, sci-fi, fabulism, horror), romance, literary, popular, children's and young adult. We also cater for journalism, life stories (including biography, autobiography, memoir etc), short stories, anthologies, ficto-criticism, reportage, true stories, self help, spiritual, erotica, new age, lifestyle, and the many sub-genres of those already mentioned.

Flood Manuscripts provides constructive commentary on your writing, its qualities, integrity and weaknesses in terms of craft and creativity, the assessors highlighting any issues the manuscript might have and drawing your attention to positive aspects of the work. Assessors can also provide advice about your work and the market in Australia and elsewhere. Flood Manuscripts offers a transparent approach to manuscript assessment (manuscript appraisal, manuscript evaluation). Our aim is to help you improve your writing and develop your manuscript towards successful publication.

• Need an express assessment? Got an essay or story on the boil but feel you need professional help before  that deadline?

• Finally come to the end of your manuscript and want to know what you need to do next?

• In need of a skilled proofreader, an editor or copy editor?

• Dreaming of a mentor who can help get your work off the ground or assist you to fly higher?

In addition to assessment (appraisal, evaluation), we provide a selection of further services, from mini-assessment through proofing,
copy editing and ms development to full structural (developmental) editing.
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