MANUSCRIPT ASSESSMENT (manuscript appraisal, manuscript evaluation)
Reading the submitted manuscript, identifying areas that can be improved, advising on structure, style and market potential (if requested), and offering general advice on development.

Working with a writer to help develop a particular piece of work or a manuscript.

Working with a writer to help develop their skills, ideas and vocation.

Ensuring the structure, content, language and style of a manuscript are effective and appropriate to the writer?s intention and readership.

Grammar, spelling, punctuation and other mechanics of style; checking for integrity and consistency of presentation and facts; marking heading levels and approximate placement of art; highlighting copyright and legal issues; notifying design and production staff of any unusual requirements. May also involve incorporating the client/author's replies to queries. These are the traditional duties. The brief of copy editors has changed over the years to largely mean working sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph on elements of style: basic continuity issues, pace, syntax, repetition, overwriting, voice issues (including thought and dialogue) and those mentioned at the outset. There can be deep, mid, or light engagement, depending on the needs of the author and the work. Time, and therefore overall fee, will vary accordingly.

Reading typeset copy word-for-word against a manuscript and style sheet, identifying errors for correction, querying other editors' errors. May also include checking conformity to type specifications, creating a style sheet, checking typography (kerning, margins, word spacing, repetitive word breaks, etc.). These days this is largely grammar, spelling, punctuation.

Flood Manuscripts also offers ongoing manuscript assessment (manuscript appraisal, manuscript evaluation), where authors rework a section of their manuscript for feedback. The fee for ongoing assessment and the way it is delivered is to be negotiated with Flood Manuscripts. Also on offer is a 10% reduced fee for complete resubmission of manuscripts. Where possible, we also offer instant assessment for work that is on the boil.
All services can include further queries subject to negotiation.

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WHAT IS MANUSCRIPT ASSSESSMENT(manuscript appraisal, manuscript evaluation)?
Manuscript assessment (manuscript appraisal, manuscript evaluation) is a service provided by a writing professional who assesses the quality of a written work and its potential for publication, identifies areas where it may need improvement, and offers detailed constructive criticism accordingly, including giving advice about tailoring the work for a market. The service may also, when the assessor considers the work merits it, provide a recommendation by the assessor to present to publishers and literary agents.

MANUSCRIPT ASSSESSMENT(manuscript appraisal, manuscript evaluation) is not structural (developmental) or copy editing, proofreading or acting as an agent.

WHY HAVE A MANUSCRIPT ASSESSED (appraised, evaluated)?
Competition. Manuscript assessment (manuscript appraisal, manuscript evaluation) has become widely recommended by publishers and agents. While a favourable assessment report is no guarantee of acceptance or publication, it serves as a further incentive to agents and publishers. Time & Money. Every writer, including the most successful, can benefit from an informed critical reading of their work. This is a crucial stage in the development of a work and can save an author both time and money by directing their efforts towards their strengths in the market.

IS MY WORK SUITABLE FOR MANUSCRIPT ASSSESSMENT (manuscript appraisal, manuscript evaluation)?
Manuscript assessment (manuscript appraisal, manuscript evaluation) is suitable for writers from all walks of life and for all levels of experience, from the writer just starting out to the published author. To be assessed, the work does not have to be a polished final draft; however, the more developed the work, the greater the benefit to the author.

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