You: means the submitting author
We, us our: means Tom Flood and Flood Manuscripts
Work: means any Text, graphics, photos, other media and or any information.

1-The work submitted for assessment (appraisal, evaluation) is your original work only.
2-You agree to keep a copy of your submitted work.
3-We take no responsibility for loss of or damage to the submitted work in transit.
4-We retain copyright and intellectual property in all Reports and any written text produced for you by us.
5-Only the whole assessment report may be shown to agents and publishers and other industry professionals; extracts and     quotes cannot be used unless accompanied by the whole report or as arranged with us.
6-We are not bound to assess a submitted work and can return it and the enclosed payment without comment.
7-We are not bound to offer a formal recommendation of publication for the MS; and where it does,
8-a formal recommendation is not a guarantee of publication.
9-Once assessment (appraisal, evaluation) has commenced, our fees are not refundable in whole or part.
10-For additional or ongoing assessment (appraisal, evaluation), the fee and time is to be negotiated and paid for in advance.
11-The decision as to whether the interaction between author and assessor is conducted via telephone, email or other internet       means, is made by us.
12-Work submitted should be typed on A4-size pages, double spaced in font size 12 or 14, contain wide margins and an       unjustified right margin, and be typed one-side only.
13-Files must be saved as a Microsoft Word Document or equivalent (check compatibility with us), or in RTF format.
14-Work submitted may be accompanied by a succinct synopsis (no longer than a page).
15-Electronic files of submitted work, including backup copies of submitted work generated during administering the service, will       be permanently deleted as soon as assessment is completed. All submitted work will be treated in the strictest confidence.
16-Authors in their dealings with the assessor/administrator must always strive to conduct themselves respectfully and       courteously. If behaviour is deemed not to be appropriate, Flood Manuscripts reserves the right to cease the interactive       element of assessment and provide the author instead with additional written constructive criticism deemed by us of equal       weighting to the interactive element.
17-The time allotted for telephone/internet contact between authors and assessor/administrator will be strictly observed.
18-Telephone/internet contact between authors and the assessor will be initiated by us.
19-We pay our own costs of any telephone/internet contact between author and assessor, you pay your own cost.
20-We aim to directly address all concerns in the allotted time and within the scope of its service. If an author has any issues       unresolved by the end of the assessment (appraisal, evaluation) process, Flood Manuscripts is not bound to enter into further       correspondence.
21-You must pay a fee up front in accordance with our fees and must fulfill the information noted on the Application Form. This fee,       once assessment (appraisal, evaluation) has commenced, is not refundable in whole or part.


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