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Congratulations to Flood Manuscripts' client Nik Macdougall on the publication of her searing memoir 'Circle of Bones', out now on Amazon Kindle.
Congratulations to Flood Manuscripts' clients Bill & Shaaron Ellis on the publication of their son Bryn Ellis' extraordinarily imaginative opus 'Half Trace'.


The Great Kieranski: Book 2. Cate Mara(NSW). MG Realist Series. Sept '14. Delayed.
All God's Children. Simon Dyer(VIC). Creative Non-fiction. Dec '14/Jan '15. Delayed.
The Eye of the Tiger. Hayley Lawrence(WA). YA Contemporary Realism. Aug '15. Delayed.
Verge of Darkness. Ollie Odebunmi(UK). Fantasy. Nov '15. Delayed.
Enemies in the Ranks. Solomon Smith(USA). Memoir. Mar '16 Delayed.
Wrong Time. Eddie Gorenstein. Speculative. June '16
A Chapter of Fate. Trevor Tucker. Historical Faction. June/July '16.
Title Withheld. Name Withheld. Literary Fiction. July '16.
Eternum. Dustin Rielly.(WA) Speculative. Reassess. Feb '16 Delayed.

Short or e-Assessment:
A.M.Jackson(WA). Crazy's Carnal Notes series. Erotic Crime. Jan '16 -.

Ms. Development/Edit:
New Material. Lucy Alexander(ACT). Literary. MsDev. April '13-
King of the Rascals. Lucy Alexander(ACT). Literary. MsDev. March '14-
Elsewhere. Paul Jackson(UK). Fantasy. MsDev. Jan '15-
House of Kids. Gabrielle McGuire(NSW). Fiction Collection. MsDev. May '15-
ENKIDU Book One: Devil's Mischief. Greg Lawrence. Speculative Faction. July '14. Copy Edit/Proof. Delayed.
The Great Kieranski Book 2. Cate Mara(NSW). Middle Grade Realist Series. Oct '14. Proof. Delayed
Eighth of the Eighth. Stuart Black(NSW). Crime Thriller. Oct '15-. MsDev.
Keeper of the Cards. Sheila Ellison(USA). Fiction. Feb '16. Ms Dev-
Storm Rising. Steven Becker(USA). Suspense. MsDev. Mar '16-
Untitled. Rebecca Langham(NSW). Sci-fi. MsDev. Apr '16-
Keeper of the Cards. Sheila Ellison(USA). Fiction. Apr '16. Structural. Delayed
Call The Doctor. April Holman-Lee(NSW). Womens' Fiction. Proof & Copy Edit. Jun '16.
Last Day in Red Light. Cire(Phillipines). Literary. Jun-Jul '16.
Hermes and the Invisible World. Jacqueline Ripstein(USA). Fantasy. July '16
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