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Congratulations to Flood Manuscripts' client, the extraordinarily talented Paul Jackson on the publication of the illustrated hardback volume 'The Hidden Destiny', Book One in the nine-book series The Realms of Elsewhere.
Congratulations to tenacious Flood Manuscripts' client Jennifer McBryde on finally publishing 'Beyond The Birdcage', her revealing lifelong search into the medical authorities' lifelong manipulation of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and what it reveals about the business of medicine and the establishment on a wider front. A must read.
Congratulations to Flood Manuscripts' client Addison Griffis on the publication of his contemporary Western tale 'Car Lot Cowboy' in Arkansas Review.
Congratulations to Flood Manuscripts' client TR Gabriel on the launch of 'Dogs of Warr III: Chasing The Ghost', the 3rd in this cracking military adventure series.
Congratulations to Flood Manuscripts' client Sarah Napthali on the acceptance by Allen & Unwin (Australia) of her fascinating non-fiction proposal 'Psychedelics for the Middle-Aged'.
Congratulations to Flood Manuscripts' client Ben Hastings on the release of his dystopian futurist sci-fi 'The Sisterhood' with Shawline Publishing.


Assessment (Appraisal, Evaluation):
Zsa Zsa On My Mind. Jane Scerri (Tas). Mainstream. Assess. Jan '23+. Delayed
Zasu. Henry Johnston (NSW). Literary. Reassess. Jan '23+. Delayed
Republic's Assassin. Simon W Clark (VIC). Thriller. Dec '23.

Short or e-Assessment (Appraisal, Evaluation):
Falling Feather. Marcus Meinhold(QLD). Novella. e-Assess. '23.
Elsewhere. Paul Jackson(UK). Fantasy. Partial Reassess. '23.


Ms. Development/Edit:
Rooster Booster. Addison Griffis(US). Literature. Edit. Feb '24

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