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Congratulations to Flood Manuscripts' client SM Webber on the publication of her 2nd novel (3rd book) 'What Narissa Did in the War' with Vanguard, a moving YA story set in any civil war like Syria or Afghanistan.
Congratulations to Flood Manuscripts' client Alison Booth on the publication with Red Door of her sixth novel, 'The Painting, a mystery romance swirling around the provenance and theft of a painting in Australia and a family's past in communist Hungary.
Congratulations to Flood Manuscripts' client Harold Legaspi on the publication of his twice shortlisted verse novel 'Letters in Language' by Flying Islands Press.
Congratulations to Flood Manuscripts' client Mark Furness on the publication of the third volume in his second trilogy series, Firefly Electrics, and topping the amazon.au best seller list in the category yet again. These eccentric inner-city Sydney crusaders are a whole new adventure in crime capers.
Congratulations to Flood Manuscripts' client Dinuka McKenzie on winning the 2020 Banjo Prize, signing with Alex Adsett and publishing her engaging crime manuscript 'Flood Debris', now 'The Torrent', with HarperCollins '22 list.
Congratulations to Flood Manuscripts' client William Evelyn on the publication of his first colourful old school 60s crime racketeering novel, 'The Odds of Maybe'.


Assessment (Appraisal, Evaluation):
Zasu. Henry Johnston(NSW). Literary. Reassess. Dec '22+.

Short or e-Assessment (Appraisal, Evaluation):
Falling Feather. Marcus Meinhold(QLD). Novella. e-Assess. '22.
Elsewhere. Paul Jackson(UK). Fantasy. Partial Reassess. '22.

Bewitching Tales. Aleksandra Zaric(NSW). Junior Fiction Quintet. from Sept'19.

Ms. Development/Edit:
Paralysed. Tracey Roberts(NSW). Romance. Proof&CopyEdit. Sept '22.

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