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Congratulations to Flood Manuscripts' US client Woodlief Thomas on winning the Del Sol Press 2018 1st Novel Competition (judged by Robert Olen Butler) with his luminous manuscript 'Just Off Elysian Fields'.
Congratulations to Flood Manuscripts' client Emma Harcourt on the publication of her period multicultural romance novel 'The Shanghai Wife' by HarperCollins.
Congratulations to Flood Manuscripts' client Dinuka McKenzie on winning the Affirm Press/Tablo 'The Perfect Crime' competition, a search for Australia's best undiscovered crime writer, with her manuscript 'Flood Debris'.
Congratulations to Flood Manuscripts' client Rebecca Langham on the publication of her sci-fi novel 'Beneath the Surface'by NineStar Press, now available in Kindle and paperback.
Congratulations to Flood Manuscripts' client Christine Cowin on the publication of the 1st volume of her powerful and moving autobiography 'My Secret Self:The Trials and Tribulations of an Innocent', available in digital and paperback.
Congratulations to Flood Manuscripts' client Mark Furness on the launch of his world-class crime thriller series 'Under Eden', now out on Amazon Kindle.


Assessment (Appraisal, Evaluation):
Mating Season. Yael Eytan (Vic). Speculative. Oct '18. Delayed
Maunder. Breedles Publishing(NSW). YA Speculative. Reassess. Dec '18
Adicia. Evan Foster-Jones. Literary. Assess. Mar '19. Delayed
Dust. Carol Peate-Wakeman(NSW). Historical Fiction. Reassess. Mar/Apr '19
Flood Debris. Dinuka McKenzie(NSW). Crime. Reassess. Apr '19.
Taking Tea With Shadows. Trudy Rogers(NSW). Creative Non-Fiction. Reassess. May '19.
What about me? A book for parents of children on the Autism Spectrum. Tiffany Burton(NSW). Non-fiction. Assess. May '19.
A Life So Dear. Margaret Parker. Mainstream Fiction. Assess. May '19.
Beyond The Birdcage. Jennifer McBryde. Non-fiction. Reassess. May '19
Hunting for Anthony. Christopher Stace(WA). Adventure Fantasy. Assess. May/June '19

Short or e-Assessment (Appraisal, Evaluation):
Spirit in the Sky. Judy Bennett. Suspense. Reassess. Apr '19.

Damonica. Aleksandra Zaric(NSW). Junior Horror. from Oct '18.

Ms. Development/Edit:
Mating Season. Yael Eytan(Vic). Speculative. Proof&Copy Edit. Dec/Jan '18/19 Delayed
Truly. A.M.Jaxon(WA). Erotic Romance. Proof&Copy Edit. May '19.
Eye of Salvation. Jeannie White(Vic). Mainstream. Edit. Jun '19.

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